About Dr. Brinson

Get to Know Dr. Brinson


  Angela C. Brinson Ph.D.  is a Licensed School Psychologist and Pediatric Cannabis Consultant. 

Dr. Brinson is a native of Miami Florida and received her doctoral degree from Barry University. In her years as a psychologist she has developed highly specialized assessment and counseling skills, as well as a compassionate and professional work ethic with a wide variety of clients. 

Licensed by the State of Florida,  Dr. Brinson also holds a certifications as a Trauma Outreach Specialist and Juvenile Forensic Examiner. 

She has over 20 years of experience working with children, teens, adults and families.  She says, "I enjoy helping parents understand that their kids are not “bad” or that their situation is not “impossible.” “My passion is helping parents balance their child’s strengths and limitations with their own expectations."

In her private practice, Dr. Brinson focuses primarily on psychological evaluations and counseling. Her training is highly specialized in evaluating ADHD, learning problems, autism, giftedness, emotional and behavioral problems. In addition to traditional psychotherapeutic interventions, she utilizes healing techniques that include mindfulness and meditation.  Dr. Brinson also provides Emotional Support Animal Evaluations (ESA) for individuals who benefit from comfort and support due to emotional problems. 

She has worked in the Department of Education; Department of Juvenile Justice; Law Enforcement; Higher Education; Community Behavioral Health and Media/Entertainment. 

Dr. Brinson  is also a Clinical Consultant for Miracle Leaf - a premier medical health center for Florida residents in search of alternative pathways to healthier living. As a Pediatric Cannabis Consultant, she also provides educational and product knowledge on CBD for parents who are seeking alternative solutions for medical conditions that negatively impact their child’s academic and social performance.

She has served as an adjunct faculty member at Barry University, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, behavior interventions and special education. Dr. Brinson was also former University Psychologist and Director of the Counseling Center at Florida Memorial University.